Our tranquil Ibiza spa offers everything you need to relax, rejuvenate and recharge during your stay at Es Cucons.

We have an extensive menu of beauty, health and wellness therapies – designed exclusively by our in-house massage therapist and yoga and Pilates instructor Melanie Jane. Every class and treatment at our Ibiza spa is personalised to suit our guests, with your optimum wellbeing and relaxation being the ultimate goal.

The menu of treatments and classes is complemented by our tranquil Ibiza spa area, equipped with a panoramic sauna and outdoor plunge pool overlooking the magical Santa Agnés valley. Here, it’s easy to surrender to total relaxation – for your mind, your body and your soul.

our massages

Relaxing Essential Oil Massage | 60/90 min | 95/120€

Unwind and release any tension with a relaxing Ibiza spa massage using essential oils tailored to your needs.

Prenatal Massage | 60 min | 95€

Designed to nurture both mother and child in the most relaxing way possible, taking extra care to ensure your comfort and safety at our Ibiza spa.

Chiro Massage | 60 min | 95€

Ibiza spa treatment developed to relieve muscular tension in specific points in your body, leaving you feeling completely at ease.

Balinese Massage | 60/90 min | 95/120€

This technique has been passed down through generations – stimulating circulation, strengthening the body and smoothing the skin by using our Ibiza spa’s tropical magnolia and jasmine oils that also lift your spirit and calm your mind.

Thai Yoga Massage | 90 min/2 hours | 120/150€

A unique, holistic style of Ibiza spa massage incorporating Hatha Yoga, acupressure and Shiatsu to stretch the muscles and improve flexibility while harmonising the body, increasing energy, relieving stress and promoting a peaceful mind.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage | 60 min | 95€

A special form of Ibiza spa massage targeting the lymphatic system to aid in toxin removal.

Harmonising Chakra Energy Massage | 60 min | 100€

During this full body Ibiza spa massage, crystals are placed along the chakras to harmonise and bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Corporal Cacao Ritual | 60 min | 100€

Created to relax your mind and life your spirit, this corporal cacao Ibiza spa massage is rich in minerals, theobromine and caffeine.

Hot Stone Massage | 90 min | 120€

A, Ibiza spa massage using hot stones, used to aid in the relief of chronic muscular tension and helps the lymphatic system, circulatory and digestive system while at the same time, through the invigorating energy of the stones, aids in physical balance and peace of mind.

ayurveda therapies

The Ancient Indian

Abhyangam | 60/90 min | 100/120€

A traditional full body Ibiza spa massage using warm oil. This method harmonises the entire body, enhances the circulation of body fluids and relieves muscle tension while relaxing and and opening up your energy pathways.

Dhara | 90 min | 120€

Following a full body Ibiza spa massage, you will lie on your back as an earthen pot with a small hole at the base is suspended above your head. Warm oil is canalised through the hole, slowly pouring onto your forehead to relieve headaches, migraines and any tension. This ancient technique is renowned for calming the mind and soul.

Pinda Patra Sweda (Elakizhi) | 60 min | 100€

Combining full body Ibiza spa massage with the application of medicated leaves in small cotton natural bags. Using warm almond oil, the leaves are applied on the whole body several times for a result that soothes sore muscles, stiff joints and achy bodies.

beauty care

Relaxing Aromatherapy Facial | 40/60 min | 70/95€

While enriching the skin you will reach deep relaxation and obtain a clear mind, through this skin-softening, moisturising and firming Ibiza spa treatment. After cleansing, toning and exfoliation, pure blended oils – selected to suit your skin type and mood – are massaged into the face, neck and shoulders.

Green Tea Facial | 95€

This Ibiza spa treatment rejuvenates your face mind and soul through a unique blend of antioxidants for the skin. Cleansing, toning and exfoliation is followed by a green tea face mask – while it works its wonders, a relaxing hand and foot massage keeps you in a state of deep relaxation.

special rituals

Wellbeing for the mind, body and soul

Ayurvedic Ritual

Based on the ancient Indian system of medicine, this Ibiza spa ritual includes:

Three yoga classes (for one to two guests) immersed in nature and three Ayurvedic Ibiza spa treatments, each followed by a herbal tea.

Day one: Abhyangam massage (see description above)
Day two: Dhara (see description above)
Day three: Indian head, neck and shoulder massage, followed by an Ayurvedic facial

Price for one person: 450€ / Price for two people: 690€

Pilates and Body Workout

Three 60-minute Pilates sessions for one to two guests

Full body relaxation Ibiza spa massage or deep sports massage for each person

A natural detox juice after each Pilates session

Price for one person: 295€ / Price for two people: 485€

Get Back Into Shape

Hatha Yoga and Meditation – 75€ per session

Price for two people. 30€ charged per additional person.

Pilates – 75€ per session

Price for two people. 30€ charged per additional person.

information & bookings

To request an Ibiza spa treatment, please contact reception (40) and we will connect you with our spa team to make an appointment.

To ensure availability with our Ibiza spa team, please request your treatment booking in the morning or one day in advance.

Should you be unable to make your Ibiza spa appointment, please contact us with sufficient time to cancel the treatment.

For cancellations less than two hours prior to your Ibiza spa appointment, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the treatment price.

In addition to the treatments and rituals on our Ibiza spa menu, we can also tailor a personalised wellness package to suit your individual needs.

21% VAT included in Ibiza spa menu prices.


A magical place, it is beautiful, everything is careful to detail, ideal to spend a few days of relaxation and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing !. Beautiful rural hotel with very good attention. Peace, love and tranquility

VIctorOliverTrip advisor

simply wonderful

Where you can hear silence, peace and harmony really work, hotel to rest and relax, find yourself covered in mime and delicate simplicity, everything accompanies, the site, the field of ibiza, the staff is integrated into the Home and they make you feel special without being harassed. Breakfast, dinner, the environment, the music, the fire at night, the flowers, there is no need or lack, the furniture, the simplicity well understood  in the small details is the difference. A luxury without anything of luxury, only the good taste

cocinandobcnTrip advisor

Beautiful place

We finished our vacations in Ibiza and what more it costs us is to leave this beautiful and cozy hotel, with exquisite attention. We had not been able to choose a better place. I recommend it very much, especially to travel as a couple.

ireneirene86Trip advisor


The hotel bedrooms are tastefully decorated with a unique and personal touch befitting our signature style.


Our tranquil spa offers everything you need to relax, rejuvenate and recharge during your stay.


Serving up a creative Mediterranean menu made with locally sourced, seasonal organic produce.


Our peaceful environment is the ideal setting for a wide range of retreats held in a stunning Bedouin-style tent.


Concha Ibañez Exhibition

Take in our exhibition of Balearic-inspired works by famed Catalan landscape artist and writer Concha Ibañez, found throughout the hotel communal spaces.

Es Cucons Secret Hike

Ask our team to give you the coordinates for our very special, off-the-beaten-track nature hike, from the hotel to the cliffs of Ses Baladres – a truly magical experience.

Es Cucons La Tienda in Santa Gertrudis

Our sister shop in the buzzing village of Santa Gertrudis is the idea place for some retail therapy. The stylish space is filled with fashion, gifts, homewares and more.

Sunset at Las Puertas del Cielo

Just a ten-minute bicycle ride or a 20-minute walk from the hotel is one of Ibiza’s hidden gems – an authentic clifftop restaurant and bar with incredible sunset views.

Es Cucons

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s/n 07828 Santa Agnès de Corona,
Ibiza, Spain

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